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Brighton, Colorado – Clear Creek Publishing announces the release of A Stroll through Elmwood: a graveside (or bedside) tour of a cemetery’s most intriguing and not-be-forgotten (Volume I: Brighton, Colo.) 88 pgs., $12.00. Local historian and writer Robin Kring has once again brought Brighton’s past to life through her compilation of stories and photos. The latest shares tales of Elmwood’s 1st Annual Historic Cemetery Walk. The book can be used as a self-guided tour through the historic cemetery or a virtual stroll through the re-telling of the tales.

Meet the area’s adventurous pioneers and those who helped shape our city’s beginnings. Get an inside glimpse of the famous and the infamous—like “Red” Barker, son of Ma Barker (matriarch of the notorious outlaw clan). Read the Schnell twins’ story, a story that almost disappeared along with the lake of their tragic drowning. Discover fascinating stories never told before, including that of an innocent young woman murdered for her family’s mercantile fortune. Finally, immerse yourself in the memories shared of ordinary people that remind us that rich or poor, famed or forgotten—everyone’s life is worth remembering and has a story to tell.


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